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Do you remember the first time you sat on a swing? Did you watch other children soaring high but you weren’t sure how to get started. Maybe you got frustrated because your body refused to go with the flow. You needed a push, but you also needed the support and tools to get your legs pumping. It took time for you to learn the rhythm. But through repetition you finally learned the rhythm AND gained the strength to go higher. Finally, YOU learned to control your own soaring. 


Similar to swinging, children need repetition, nurturance and optimism when faced with social, emotional or behavioral challenges. Transitions in life can often leave them frustrated and confused. Therapy can help them find their rhythm. My approach with children is strengths-based and includes learning, movement and self-regulation tools to help give your child the momentum and freedom they need to soar. 


  • Anger Management 

  • ADHD

  • Gifted children 

  • Self-Esteem

  • Fear and Anxiety

  • School Behavior Concerns

  • Adjustment to divorce/separation

Areas of Focus

  • Grief and Loss

  • Coping with bullying

  • Transitions

  • Social Skills 

  • Depression

The use of breath exercises and other relaxation techniques to improve focus, body awareness and the ability to self soothe. 

The use of a sand tray and miniature figures to express relationships, resolve conflicts and traumas. 

The use of art media to help a child express and resolve conflicts. Painting, drawing and collage are just some the art techniques used. 

The use of play as a means to enhance a child's self-confidence, trust and communication as well as to express deep feelings.

Play Therapy 
Art Therapy 
Sand Tray Therapy 

Physical interventions that help children reconnect with their bodies in positive ways. Utilizing exercise balls, trampoline, balance boards and yoga hammock.

A form of talk therapy that is future-focused, goal-directed, and emphasizes solutions rather than problems. 

Solution Focused

Yoga supports positive mental health, encourages healthy habits, teaches  

self-awareness, self-acceptance, calming techniques, and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. 


Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy: Incorporates cognitive and behavioral interventions within play therapy. Play as well as verbal and nonverbal approaches are used in resolving problems. 

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